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Inzura DashCam

The world’s first Plug & Play Dashcam and Safe Driving Insurance Proposition for Personal and Commercial motor insurance. Delivers automatic FNOL and instant access to incident video footage & g-sensor data for streamlined claims handling.

Inzura DashCam combines a high quality Mio 733 dashcam with our mobile app to make a fully integrated Personal or Commercial motor insurance product. Daily driving is recorded like normal but when an accident is detected the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) notification and incident related video file is sent automatically via our app to your FNOL team without any need for customer intervention. Advanced Driving Assistance (ADAS) features help reduce driving risk and our cloud platform securely stores video evidence until it is needed by your team.

For Insurers

Our easily integrated low cost dashcam solution creates a market leading integrated proposition that delivers real value to the insurer. Deep policy integration actively prevents fraud, assists rapid liability assignment and automatic FNOL with video capture puts you in control of the claims process.

The DashCam app can be rapidly branded and customised for Personal or Commercial motor insurance use and we typically work to a 6 week delivery schedule. Our platform securely stores the customer video data so it can be accessed by your team via our web portal. We can also integrate with core systems APIs to help automate your business processes.

Our platform manages the on-boarding messaging and SMS / email reminders to get the app and camera installed and operating.


For Customers

Dashcams are hugely popular with customers who see them as their witness and assistant if they have to make a claim. Video footage identifies fraudulent crash-for-cash claims and protects the customer against loss of no claims bonus. 

The Inzura DashCam proposition supports these customer demands but goes further by making the installation process simpler and more convenient. Our app manages the customers’ installation steps leveraging short video clips. It then configures the dashcam with optimum settings. Professional fitting is not required. Our platform automatically sends onboarding messaging and SMS reminders to get the app and camera installed and working.

The incident videos are stored on the Inzura platform to avoid loss through theft or damage of the dashcam.

  • This product is available standalone or in combination with any other Inzura product.
  • When combined with Inzura Notify, video footage can be augmented with photographs of vehicle damage and accident scene
  • Inzura Drive adds full driver scoring capability to the app (app based telematics)
  • Include Inzura Validate to reduce fraud by on-boarding new customers and verifying their policy documents and personal details using our app and the smartphone camera

Case Study

ChilliDrive+ by Autoline / Prestige. This is a young driver product created by innovative Irish broker Autoline. It uses our full complement apps including Inzura Drive telematics app, Inzura Notify accident claims notification, Inzura Validate document validation and the Inzura DashCam app features for instant FNOL and automatic video uploading. All four Inzura apps have been combined into one seamless app and proposition. We worked closely with the Autoline team to refine the look and feel of the app to match their high standards and the result is a distinctive and attractive app with genuine impact. Our platform is integrated with Autoline’s SSP system. ChilliDrive+ is live in the Irish market and we operate the product and platform, we provide 2nd line technical support and data analysis / incident analysis support to Autoline.

Features and Benefits

Automatic FNOL

Automatic FNOL

The dashcam has a built-in g-sensor (accelerometer) which continuously monitors for impacts & accidents. If detected, the dashcam and app work together to send a FNOL message, within a few seconds, to the Inzura platform and then onto your FNOL team.

Automatic Video Uploading

Automatic Video Uploading

The dash cam and app work together to automatically upload any incident video within 60 to 90 seconds to the Inzura platform. Once on the platform, you can access it via the portal or push the file onto a 3rd party claims admin system.

Automatic dashcam setup

Automatic dashcam setup

The Inzura app helps the customer self install the dashcam guiding them at every stage using short video clips. Once installed and paired, the app automatically configures the dashcam with optimum settings to capture high quality incident video.  

Incident Video and g-sensor data access

Incident Video and g-sensor data access

The Inzura portal provides access to any recorded incident videos and the associated g-sensor and GPS location data for the 20 second event incident sequence. 

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