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On-board and verify your customers quickly and automatically using iApprove

iApprove allows your customers to onboard quickly and conveniently using an easy to use smartphone app. Benefit from rapid document capture using the app and fully automatic verification. Works with existing core systems.

For Brokers & Insurers

iApprove is an automated customer onboarding solution that puts you in control of your customer support costs and premium collection.

• Reduces customer services costs
• Helps identify additional premium
• Reduces fraud
• Delivers a fast, simple and convenient digital experience to customers

Customers are asked to download the iApprove app which requests photographs of 4 key documents which are:
• Driving Licence
• My Licence check
• Proof of Address
• No Claims Bonus

iApprove chases these documents over a 14 day verification period and then automatically checks them against the declared policy details. iApprove also checks the DVLA Vehicle Database and the CUE Claims database.

Our platform processes >80% of documents fully automatically leaving your team to manage just the exceptions using our secure admin portal. Here you can:
• Manage adjusted terms and additional premiums
• Request additional documents
• Chat or message the customer via the app to resolve issues

In use, the iApprove platform has helped identify 15% of additional premium and saved 28 minutes of admin time per customer.

The iApprove service does not require systems integration to operate and is already compatible with many of the policy admin systems in the market.

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For Customers

iApprove completely changes the dynamics of customer onboarding by providing a fully digital, fast, simple and convenient user experience. In use, we have seen greater than 95% customer acceptance of the app and in excess of 75% of customers upload all of their documents within 3 days of downloading the app.

Important customer features include:
• On screen templates to help scan documents
• Secure encrypted uploading of documents 24/7
• Instant confirmation of receipt and approval
• In-app chat for support

No emailing, photocopying or phone calls are required by the customer during our digital onboarding process and customers will typically spend just 2-3 minutes to upload all of their documents once iApprove is deployed.

  • iApprove can help identify up to 15% of additional premium
  • Save 28 minutes of agent time per new policy on boarded
  • Benefit from over 95% customer acceptance
  • No systems integrations needed - works alongside your policy admin system

Case Study

Autosaint by Kingfisher. This is a young driver telematics insurance product using our policy onboarding technology to capture driving licence endorsement information via a My Licence check. The app requests, chases and presents the licence information to the Autosaint customer support team. They also used our in-app chat facility to further streamline customer contact. We added a custom feature in the app to report on the telematics black box installation status to keep the customer informed about installation progress.  Our platform was integrated into OpenGI and Lexisnexis and we provide 2nd line technical support and data analysis to Kingfisher.

Features and Benefits

App based customer onboarding

App based customer onboarding

Move away from inefficient manual customer on-boarding processes. iApprove manages the entire process guiding the customer through each step. Get accurate and consistent access to documents and our platform will check for accuracy and fraud.

On screen photo templates

On screen photo templates

iApprove shows a live on screen camera overlay templates over the screen thereby showing the customer exactly how to frame each photograph. Templates cover driving licence, proof of address, vehicle photos and no claims bonus

Adapts for the policy type

Adapts for the policy type

The app can support multiple complex policies from the same company each with different document needs.

Broker app branding

Broker app branding

The iApprove app displays a policy panel showing the logo and main colours of the broker or insurer brand.

Works with existing policy admin systems

Works with existing policy admin systems

Our platform and app work independently of any existing legacy system. We integrate at a minimal level using our web portal or CSV file uploads. We also support API integration for maximum flexibility 

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