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Inzura Drive

Accurate, low cost, smartphone based measurement of driving behaviour. Engage and reward safer driving customers with affordable app-based telematics

Inzura Drive - our app-based telematics solution offers insurers the ability to implement low cost monitored and engaging motor policies. The app and platform supports Pay How You Drive (PHYD), Pay As You Drive (PAYD) and marketing based initiatives including Try Before you Buy (TBYB).

For Insurers

Inzura’s low cost, smartphone app based telematics solution provides insurers with a robust and calibrated way of measuring the driving behaviour of their customers. Driving skill and style are measured and scored and then combined with automated lifestyle analysis forming a complete customer profile. Engage with the customer to encourage better driving or implement policy sanctions or pricing adjustments. Gamification and rewards can be included in the app to enhance motivation.

Available as a white-label app or as embedded services accessible via APIs and app SDKs. See our TelematicsEngine product for embedding our functionality into your own app or platform.

Utilisation of our driving score and adverse behaviour alerts have resulted in loss ratio reductions of over 10%

For Customers

Customers are keen to maximise any insurance policy benefits so it is important to be transparent and clear on what will help them. The Drive app is quick to download from the app store and activate, and it automatically records trips even if in the background. An in-app notification informs the customer recording is taking place.  Each trip is scored by our AI algorithm and coaching feedback is given to help the customer understand how to improve their driving and scores.

Personalised rewards and challenges can also be included to enhance engagement. The Drive app does not track a customer, instead we receive the data about a trip after it is completed.

  • This product is available standalone or in combination with any other Inzura product.
  • Combined with Inzura Notify to add comprehensive accident reporting
  • To access FNOL and incident videos, combine with Inzura DashCam
  • Inzura Validate adds customer document and vehicle details validation to speed up on-boarding and to reduce policy fraud

Case Study

ChilliDrive+ by Autoline / Prestige. This is a young driver product created by innovative Irish broker Autoline. It uses our full complement apps including Inzura Drive telematics app, Inzura Notify accident claims notification, Inzura Validate document validation and the Inzura DashCam app features for instant FNOL and automatic video uploading. All four Inzura apps have been combined into one seamless app and proposition. We worked closely with the Autoline team to refine the look and feel of the app to match their high standards and the result is a distinctive and attractive app with genuine impact. Our platform is integrated with Autoline’s SSP system. ChilliDrive+ is live in the Irish market and we operate the product and platform, we provide 2nd line technical support and data analysis / incident analysis support to Autoline.

Features and Benefits

App-based telematics

App-based telematics

Works from the app store - no black box required. Low cost high functionality solution that measures driver behaviour and engages with customers to help them improve their driving skills 

AI Autostart

AI Autostart

Inzura Drive automatically starts recording journeys in the background recording sensor data during the trip and uploading the data once the trip is complete. 

Automatic interventions

Automatic interventions

Our platforms detects undesirable driving behaviours and sends in-app and SMS messages to remind drivers about the importance of maintaining high driving standards. Includes automatic escalation to customer care team if improvements are not achieved.



Our solution offers voucher based rewards for good driving and referring other customers, badges for trying features of the app and personalised challenges to drivers that need targeted driver coaching. Helps engage with drivers and encourage safer driving   

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