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Inzura Notify

Flexible claims reporter app for quick and efficient First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and claims information capture.

Inzura Notify allows you to quickly and accurately gather claims information from your customer using our powerful and flexible app. Ask specific questions via the app when a claim is initiated, and guide the user to take certain specific smartphone camera photographs to help qualify the claim. For motor insurance, benefit from app-based First Notification Of Loss (FNOL) capability to significantly reduce motor claims costs. This app allows you to act quickly to assist your customers and to mitigate loss and liability.

For Insurers

The Notify app allows you to quickly and accurately gather claims information from a customer in the event of a claim. Our app allows you to specify the questions that will be presented to the customer and also request certain specific photographs in support of the claim. The smartphone camera is leveraged and live on screen templates direct the customer to take the best picture possible.

For motor insurance, we offer a manually triggered First Notification of Loss capability via the app. This feature automatically records GPS location and time and date information and passes this data through to your claims handling centre. The app then directs the customer to take specific photos of any vehicles involved in the incident and uses our on-screen live template technology to ensure photo quality. Our systems check photos for glare and blur and our AI algorithms check location information vehicle information to help reduce your liability. 

Notify works with your existing claims handling solution for rapid service deployment. Use Notify as a standalone app or in combination with our other digital insurance apps.

For Customers

Notify provides your customers with a quick and convenient way to make an insurance claim using their smartphone. They will be guided through a step by step photo-based process to minimise the questions asked when a claim is made. On screen templates guide the customer to take the right photo ensuring a fast settlement time. The app also uses additional sensors such as GPS location to pre-fill in questions about time, date and location to further accelerate the claim process and improve information accuracy.

For motor insurance, Notify helps cut through the stressful process of reporting an accident by including app-based FNOL combined with a step by step accident scene photo workflow.

Incentives can be built into the policy to encourage the use of Notify such as a reduced deductible / excess and faster settlement times. Customers can use the app at a time convenient to themselves thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.   

  • This product is available standalone or in combination with any other Inzura product.
  • For full automatic FNOL use Notify in combination with Inzura DashCam
  • Combine with Inzura Validate to capture vehicle details at the start of the policy.
  • Compare initial images with accident photos to manage claim liability
  • Combine with Inzura Drive to add telematics PHYD or PAYD

Case Study

ChilliDrive+ by Autoline / Prestige. This is a young driver product created by innovative Irish broker Autoline. It uses our full complement apps including Inzura Drive telematics app, Inzura Notify accident claims notification, Inzura Validate document validation and the Inzura DashCam app features for instant FNOL and automatic video uploading. All four Inzura apps have been combined into one seamless app and proposition. We worked closely with the Autoline team to refine the look and feel of the app to match their high standards and the result is a distinctive and attractive app with genuine impact. Our platform is integrated with Autoline’s SSP system. ChilliDrive+ is live in the Irish market and we operate the product and platform, we provide 2nd line technical support and data analysis / incident analysis support to Autoline.

Features and Benefits

App based FNOL

App based FNOL

Get timely notification of a claim or accident via the Notify app to secure FNOL. Configure Notify to trigger an outbound phone call, send an outbound API call to trigger an inbound call, or the claim / accident button can trigger a photo based claim process.

Photo claim capture

Photo claim capture

Benefit from high quality photos of the accident scene and vehicle details. Our app and platform check image quality and contents before accepting it.

White label app

White label app

The template Notify app can be customised with your brand and logo to integrate it with your wider company and policy. The approach means we can deploy in weeks not months and at low cost.

GPS geotagging

GPS geotagging

Every photograph and button press is linked to a GPS location meaning information can be passed from customer to insurer more quickly and occurrences of fraud are reduced.

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