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InsurTech Inzura.ai launches first fully digital white-label DashCam & Telematics solution with automatic video FNOL

Jan 17, 2020 4:13:34 PM

14th January 2020: Inzura, the UK based InsurTech, has today launched the first fully digital DashCam solution with automatic video FNOL. Brokers, insurers and MGAs can now offer a DashCam supported insurance product with a high quality DashCam unit and supporting app under their own brand name, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The ‘Inzura DashCam’ white-label product includes a high quality Mio733 camera and a branded app that seamlessly manages the camera set-up and operation. Footage is recorded automatically on the camera and in the event of an accident, FNOL and the accident video file is automatically uploaded to the insurer with no user intervention required. This unique automatic video FNOL capability solves one of the biggest issues to date in the DashCam and telematics industry. No longer do insurers have to rely on drivers to upload video data. Inzura’s AI enabled automatic video FNOL will have an immediate impact on loss ratios, meaning substantial cost savings for insurers and greater negotiating power for brokers.

The new DashCam solution can be deployed simply, quickly and affordably in under 6 weeks and can service small brokers to large insurance companies alike.

Ian McWilliams, Inzura co-founder and COO, comments: “The ability to deploy an affordable DashCam insurance product ‘out of the box’ in under 6 weeks, gives brokers a powerful marketing and business tool. It also delivers undeniable negotiating power with underwriters, making products more competitive thanks to the ability to price risk with a high degree of accuracy. Inzura DashCam is already delivering 20%+ improvements in Loss Ratios for Brokers and reducing fraud. Offering the solution also demonstrates a broker or insurer’s commitment to improving road safety.”

Richard Jelbert, CEO at Inzura, comments: “Inzura DashCam represents another big step forward for brokers and insurers who want to modernise and digitise their insurance business. Brokers and insurers of the future are embracing digital strategies as the best way to deliver something entirely new and customer-centric - differentiating their brand to customers and delivering impressive underwriting improvements. Inzura DashCam can optionally be combined with our other white-label products like Inzura Drive to add telematics to the same insurance product. We offer the simplest and most straight forward route for our customers to go digital.”

As well as instant access to accident footage via the Inzura Insurer Portal, the new solution includes advanced driver assistance features (ADAS) such as lane departure and forward collision warning. The branded app also places customer support at the core of its offering and can additionally include a new in-app chat capability allowing easy access to the insurer’s support team.

Inzura has successfully deployed the new DashCam solution with a number of brokers including Abbey/Autoline, with its award winning ChilliDrive Plus product. It is now making the same solution with full functionality available across the market.



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